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Why Startups are good to start a career?

You’ve graduated or Post Graduated from college or university get a diploma in your hand, and you have a couple of jobs offers on the table. Other than being one of the lucky graduates in a weak economy, you have a choice to make. On one hand, it is a high-paying entry-level position at a reputable brand in your field. On the other hand is a job offer from a small startup that is just kicking off. You’ve seen their product, believe in their mission, and like their approach, but aren’t sure you want to take on the risk of working at a startup. You’re leaning toward that corporate job and good pay with nice benefits... Here are the reasons, why a fresher should take the plunge and enter the startup world instead to join corporate. Your work will be recognized-  If you work at a big company, chances are that all of your hard work is going to be ignored by the boss or someone else is going to snag the credit. But at a startup, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done

Coronavirus is not the end of your Profession:

The coronavirus doesn’t have to be a dead-end for your career. If anything, it’s a moment to be nimble and prove your values. That may sound like a tall order right now. The uncomfortable truth is, however, is that skating by won’t provide any sort of job security. This is as urgent for millennials entering their peak earning years as it is for baby boomers watching their retirement savings circle the drain. The first order of business is making sure your skills are evolving with the needs of your company. These days, that’s the ability to charm a client over Zoom or keep projects on schedule as your team straddles time zones with fragmented working hours. If you’re in an industry directly hit by the virus, think about how your experience would be applicable to fields that have solid long-term prospects, like cybersecurity, robotics, and artificial intelligence. These sectors aren’t just for coders and engineers; they need accountants, compliance officers, HR managers, and communicat

Technology trends for the Human Resources

This era predicted to be a year of more transformative development and increasingly disruptive technology advancement, HR professionals need to be on the lookout for the latest trends and adapt them quickly to keep their companies at the forefront of innovation. 1. HR Innovation Innovation within the Human Resources industry can be seen with HR professionals setting the pace with new performance management models, new learning methods, new ways to reduce bias, and new approaches to recruit and train people.  2. The surge of People Analytics With its ability to produce insights into the workforce, help companies retain talents, and spot employees who are likely to leave, the use of people analytic is becoming prevalent in 2018. Data provided allows HR professionals to have a deep understanding of employee’s needs, concerns, and so on. 3. Changes in Talent Sourcing The norm is shifting from full time employment trends to a blend of increasingly hiring remote workers, work

Have you ever heard about Company Credit Card Policy ?

You all must have heard about many company policies, we had earlier written an article on social media policy, It is important to have policies in the organization it brings discipline. Today's article is based on such an important policy, which we call credit card policy , let's know what it is. Many people go out in connection with the work of the company, their entire expenses are borne by the company, which is called TA-DA, in simple words, it is Travelling Allowance & Dearness Allowance. But is it possible that you can track their expenditures? your employee gives you a bill, do you agree, but have you ever thought that that bill is worth more than actual expense. To catch all these expenses, companies issue their credit cards to some of their specialized managers, who'll use this card for the company's expense. But giving a company's credit card to any person can also be harmful, that's why a policy was made for this. Template- What is a

Will it be common for Indians to work from home?

You used to get up early in the morning, take wheels and leave for office, the long lines of the Metro and the traffic of roads which used to bother you, now it has become a dream for all of us to start again, This complete change due to Covid-19 has made Social Distancing a part of our life. Now we are doing all of our work from home only, office or friends meetings, all this we are doing through the internet applications, life has been limited and our work too. But will this be normal for 130 crore Indians? We have never had this habit before, we have all kinds of people here and a large population who belong to the Labour class.companies are also concerned about their health, but is it possible to do all the work from home? We had a talk with some companies, We came to know that most of the companies in India are still in the status of wait and watch, they all do not want to take any decision yet. What should companies do-  In IT companies, the work from home Policy was pre

How To Build a High Performance Team?

Every Business in the world wants that their every team member's work should be very productive and result-oriented so that the market growth of the company is developed but for all this, you need a high-performance team that is capable of taking your company forward. A team that works with all its integrity and responsibilities in the company. We come to our point and now suggest how you can build a high-performance team. Career path  To create a high-performance team, you have to first make a career path {Part of your company structure}for each designation, you will have to tell them how they can pursue their career with your company. please keep in mind that every employee always wants to make a good career, have a good salary, and for all that, he changes the company frequently, you have to understand his nature and show him a career path. Employee Treatment  An employee not only wants a good salary or good career, he also wants to work in a good and positive enviro

Top 5 HR Practices

'The HR Notes" Present Top 5 HR Practice to reach your organization's Goals. Before start the articel Please keep in mind that information is nothing without Impletantion. Performance Management Feedback System. PMFS - One that receives feedback from seniors (including bosses), peers, and subordinates has been increasingly adopted as the best available method for collecting performance feedback. Each person in the team is responsible for providing relevant, positive, and constructive feedback Trasparent evaluation system Develop an evaluation system that explicitly links individual performance to corporate business goals and priorities. Every employee should have a well-defined reporting relationship. Self-assessment should be a part of the evaluation process because it empowers employees. The assessment becomes more fair if it is based on the employee's achievements, which are tracked in the year. For high fairness, each employee must be evaluated by the

Best Hiring Formula

You must have seen many times that it is very lossful to you to hire the wrong employee, even after putting all the time, money and hard work, you do not get the result, today we brought for you a great formula told by Professor Paritosh Sharma Will help you find a good employee. one of our blog readers asked us to write an article on this issue, it is very beneficial for all of you, but it is not just to inform about, you also have to use it. Formula Name:- GIRITOC ( Grit - Intent - Rigour - Impact - Team Work - Ownership - Curiosity) Now let me tell you in brief about, The 4 words mentioned are not just words but a complete process in itself, whenever you start to hire people, pay attention to GIRITOC. GRIT-   Means,  How much power and patience does a person has to work, In short, the capability. INTENT -   It is very important for employees,  What is his/her intent to join your organization if your employee has bad intent then it is difficult that he or she will work with

Do you know how many colour collar codes are there for employees?

We divide things some time to understand better. Colour coding is one of the par, it is very beneficial for companies, and for the process of companies, some big giant in industries also make their uniform according to these colors but the important question is do you know how many color codes are usually used? "The HR Notes" Present some important color code that you should know- Start with most known code - Blue Collar Employees This collar code started for the first time in 1924. These are the people who get money for most hours, in many places they are paid according to their work. counted in manual labour. Example:- Construction Worker, Machine Operator,  millwright etc. White Collar Employees-  It was introduced in 1930 by an Famour American writer, A peron who person who perform manageral , administrative task is count in white collar catogary &  in all the manner every professional job count in this catagory. Example:- Customer Representative, Stock

The Companies is careful even after getting the concession in the third phase of lockdown

The Companies are careful even after getting the concession in the third phase of lockdown. Even after getting the Concession, the organizations have considered it appropriate to their employees to work from home, the same institutions which faced losses their revenue due to this situation. companies are understanding the arrival problem of their employees, many companies have also started working but with a minimum number of people, they have taken care that all those people have their own there, keeping in mind the safety. People have started sitting at a distance of 4-5 meters. On the other hand, many companies decided to continue work from home, most of the companies are those whose digital platforms are very strong & by the way, if companies are getting a good response from working at home, then they should wait a few more days. Employees who started going to the office with security are also very happy, we came to know after discussion with them that people have reduced

What is Social Media Policy. "The HR Notes"

Everyone who is reading this blog is active on social media, today social media is the most affordable and easiest way to convey information across the globe but another side of the coin if any wrong information sent or post about a person or organization can cause great harm. Now the organizations have added this rule as "Social Media Policy" Every organization has its own policy on social media, We are sharing some of the common points.  Purpose of Social Media Policy? The goal to enable this policy is to set expectations for appropriate behavior and ensure that an employee's posts will not expose the company to legal problems. Some Points covering under Policy? Employee  Ensure that personal accounts or statements don’t represent our company. In Mandatory situation, they have to use a disclaimer “opinions are my own” Avoid sharing intellectual property, Data Base, or any confidential information,  email approval from the seniors first before sh

Common questions that have arisen in everyone's mind about jobs in this Covid-19 pandemic

The business world has affected due to COVID-19 pandemic,  Due to this, many questions arise in the minds of the Employees. Some commonly asked queries we are sharing with our views # In the ongoing situation my salary is cut a lot, Should i search a new job? Businesses have affected due to this pandemic, the Organization is helpless in this situation and Pay cut is one of the option to maintain the budget for the next coming months.we suggest you to wait till the next appraisal cycle to see if the company compensates you appropriately. If not, start forwarding your resume. In the meantime, try to upskill yourself so that you are more qualified and can haggle for higher pay.  # I’m on leave without pay till the lockdown over. What should I do?  If you trust your company, then wait for another 2 -3 months to see the revised situation & if not then you can start searching for new jobs but please keep in mind & think twice to submit your resignation, it difficult to

Follow up with interviewer after an interview

Sometimes, weeks can pass for a response from the employer after an interview. This note will help you to take post-interview to follow up with the interviewer. Generally, the candidate has two ways to take follow up after the interview first on-call or by email. We prefer you to communicate on email first. "The HR Notes" team added some template to understand more & examples are the best way to experience the case. Please Choose the right subject before starting the follow-up email. Followup regarding {Job Title} Follow up email for {Job Title} Interview Great speaking with you for you {Job Title} Opportunity Start your first paragraph with a positive note and thank you  It was nice speaking with you on your {Job Title} Vacancy. It was a pleasure speaking with you for the {Job Title} Post in your organization. As you query in the next para I am very excited to know about the opportunity to join {ABC PVT LTD} I am waiting for the final confi

Tips for a successful video interview for employees

The trend of interviewing via Visual apps has increased, especially during the time of Corona Pandemic But still many people of our country are not ready yet for Visual rounds, may they have hesitation or they don't know that how should they look on web camera "The Hr Notes" present some techniques which can help you to do your best on web camera Try to sit in a nice and orderly place where your attention is not lost. Arrange a good quality headphone with mic to hear Interview's voice propoerly. Throw Your nervousness out.  Check you internet's bandwidth, A good internet connection will be paramount.    Maintain good eye contact , Now please remember there is a smal difference between eye contact    and stare like killer, You can try it on your mobile phone first with any of your friend who can suggest you your angle on camera. Place webcam on the right angle & arrange more light in needed check before interview. Make sure to smile properly