Best Hiring Formula

You must have seen many times that it is very lossful to you to hire the wrong employee, even after putting all the time, money and hard work, you do not get the result, today we brought for you a great formula told by Professor Paritosh Sharma Will help you find a good employee.
one of our blog readers asked us to write an article on this issue, it is very beneficial for all of you, but it is not just to inform about, you also have to use it.

Formula Name:- GIRITOC ( Grit - Intent - Rigour - Impact - Team Work - Ownership - Curiosity)

Now let me tell you in brief about, The 4 words mentioned are not just words but a complete process in itself, whenever you start to hire people, pay attention to GIRITOC.

GRIT-  Means,  How much power and patience does a person has to work, In short, the capability.

INTENT -  It is very important for employees,  What is his/her intent to join your organization if your employee has bad intent then it is difficult that he or she will work with full dedication.

RIGOUR -  Check the ability to consistently and harder for your organization's goal.

IMPACT - This term is especially for sales and customer relations employees, Your employee should be able to take good & quick decision.

TEAMWORK -  Ability to work with a team, You should void hire an Individual contributor.

OWNERSHIP - A Person who can take the responsibility to complete a particular task.

CURIOSITY -  The most important in everyone, If you hire people who have curiosity then they will help you and your team to find new ways to solve situations, even curious people can make a good value for your organization.

Please keep in mind that Information is nothing without implementation

Hope this article will be helpful for every reader


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