Do you know how many colour collar codes are there for employees?

We divide things some time to understand better. Colour coding is one of the par, it is very beneficial for companies, and for the process of companies, some big giant in industries also make their uniform according to these colors but the important question is do you know how many color codes are usually used?

"The HR Notes" Present some important color code that you should know-

Start with most known code - Blue Collar Employees

This collar code started for the first time in 1924. These are the people who get money for most hours, in many places they are paid according to their work. counted in manual labour.
Example:- Construction Worker, Machine Operator, millwright etc.

White Collar Employees- 
It was introduced in 1930 by an Famour American writer, A peron who person who perform manageral , administrative task is count in white collar catogary & in all the manner every professional job count in this catagory.
Example:- Customer Representative, Stock Brokers, Architects etc.

Gold Collar Employees:- 
The highly skilled person like who occupy high performance jobs in sectors based on the knowledge economy, Doctor, Lawyer also counted in this catogary.

Green Collar Employees:-
This color code represent its catagory, Person who are working for enviorment related jobs and now green collar also using for the people who are working in sollar panel installattion.

Grey Collar Employees:-
This catagory refers to the balance of employed people unclassified as white or blue collar. Grey-collar is occasionally used to describe elderly individuals working beyond the age of retirement, as well as those occupations incorporating elements of both blue- and white-collar work.
Example:- Police officers, firefighters, nurses, and Emergency medical services personnel

These were some color codes that you need to know, apart from this, there are many codings that companies use.

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