Follow up with interviewer after an interview

Sometimes, weeks can pass for a response from the employer after an interview. This note will help you to take post-interview to follow up with the interviewer.

Generally, the candidate has two ways to take follow up after the interview first on-call or by email. We prefer you to communicate on email first.

"The HR Notes" team added some template to understand more & examples are the best way to experience the case.

Please Choose the right subject before starting the follow-up email.

  • Followup regarding {Job Title}
  • Follow up email for {Job Title} Interview
  • Great speaking with you for you {Job Title} Opportunity
Start your first paragraph with a positive note and thank you 
  • It was nice speaking with you on your {Job Title} Vacancy.
  • It was a pleasure speaking with you for the {Job Title} Post in your organization.
As you query in the next para

  • I am very excited to know about the opportunity to join {ABC PVT LTD}
  • I am waiting for the final confirmation about my joining in {ABC orgnaization}
  • I hope I have passed in the final round now I am waiting for your reply on my final interview.
separate yourself from people

  • After our discussion, I am very confident that my profile and skill engage me with this opportunity.
  • I am confident that my skills are matching with the shared need of your vacancy.
Eng with the signature and your contact details.


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