The Companies is careful even after getting the concession in the third phase of lockdown

The Companies are careful even after getting the concession in the third phase of lockdown.

Even after getting the Concession, the organizations have considered it appropriate to their employees to work from home, the same institutions which faced losses their revenue due to this situation. companies are understanding the arrival problem of their employees, many companies have also started working but with a minimum number of people, they have taken care that all those people have their own there, keeping in mind the safety. People have started sitting at a distance of 4-5 meters.
On the other hand, many companies decided to continue work from home, most of the companies are those whose digital platforms are very strong & by the way, if companies are getting a good response from working at home, then they should wait a few more days.
Employees who started going to the office with security are also very happy, we came to know after discussion with them that people have reduced their mental stress a little by coming to the office.


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