Tips for a successful video interview for employees

The trend of interviewing via Visual apps has increased, especially during the time of Corona Pandemic But still many people of our country are not ready yet for Visual rounds, may they have hesitation or they don't know that how should they look on web camera

"The Hr Notes" present some techniques which can help you to do your best on web camera

  • Try to sit in a nice and orderly place where your attention is not lost.
  • Arrange a good quality headphone with mic to hear Interview's voice propoerly.
  • Throw Your nervousness out.
  •  Check you internet's bandwidth, A good internet connection will be paramount.  
  •  Maintain good eye contact , Now please remember there is a smal difference between eye contact    and stare like killer, You can try it on your mobile phone first with any of your friend who can suggest you your angle on camera.
  • Place webcam on the right angle & arrange more light in needed check before interview.
  • Make sure to smile properly.
  • Attire and make-up, Try to wear soft colour and avoid to wear Black, Dark red and related dark colour tone
  • Please hear the interviewer's questions properly and answer with a soft tone

Suggested Hardwares-

  • Webcams -  Logitech C920 , Razor Kiyo or similar.
  • Internet Speed - 1-4 Mbps .

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