Top 5 HR Practices

'The HR Notes" Present Top 5 HR Practice to reach your organization's Goals.

Before start the articel Please keep in mind that information is nothing without Impletantion.

Performance Management Feedback System.

PMFS - One that receives feedback from seniors (including bosses), peers, and subordinates has been increasingly adopted as the best available method for collecting performance feedback. Each person in the team is responsible for providing relevant, positive, and constructive feedback

Trasparent evaluation system

Develop an evaluation system that explicitly links individual performance to corporate business goals and priorities. Every employee should have a well-defined reporting relationship. Self-assessment should be a part of the evaluation process because it empowers employees. The assessment becomes more fair if it is based on the employee's achievements, which are tracked in the year. For high fairness, each employee must be evaluated by the next higher level (often called a reviewer), other than the immediate boss. Cross-functional feedback, if received by an immediate boss from another manager (for which this employee's job is also important), will add to the fairness of the system.

Open house discussions and feedback mechanism

Thoughts rule the world. Great organizations recognize, nurture and execute great ideas. Employees are the biggest source of ideas. The only thing that can prevent great ideas being implemented in your organization is the lack of an appropriate mechanism to capture ideas. Critical incident diaries such as open house discussions, employee-management meetings, suggestion boxes and tools can help identify and develop talent.


Sometime  recognizing of talent may not work, you need to publicly applaud it. Getting goodies or bonus is often less important than hearing a roar of applause by colleagues in a public forum.

 Safe, healthy and happy workplace

Creating a safe, healthy and happy workplace ensures that employees feel at home and stay with the organization for a very long time. Capture their thoughts through frequent surveys.


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