Will it be common for Indians to work from home?

You used to get up early in the morning, take wheels and leave for office, the long lines of the Metro and the traffic of roads which used to bother you, now it has become a dream for all of us to start again, This complete change due to Covid-19 has made Social Distancing a part of our life.

Now we are doing all of our work from home only, office or friends meetings, all this we are doing through the internet applications, life has been limited and our work too.

But will this be normal for 130 crore Indians? We have never had this habit before, we have all kinds of people here and a large population who belong to the Labour class.companies are also concerned about their health, but is it possible to do all the work from home?
We had a talk with some companies, We came to know that most of the companies in India are still in the status of wait and watch, they all do not want to take any decision yet.

What should companies do- 
In IT companies, the work from home Policy was predetermined, even many people were already doing work from before, companies would have to make the decision that many categories like some of the HR works, data entries like many All the work can be done from home only, people doing all these works should be allowed to do work from home for a few months so that only limited important people come to the office.Due to this, companies will be easy working and social distancing can be done well due to more space in the offices.

Productivity of work-
This is an important concern while working at home, companies will find it a bit difficult to get results from employees. Here companies will need a good virtual communicator to connect all the people in one place, there are many applications are available on the internet that will help to track the work of your employees.
in the end, your dedication is everything towards organization and task.

We have written this article with our suggestions, you can comment or email your suggestions to us.


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