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Talent Recruiting Has Changed: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

  Source: freepik 2021 is here with a whole new epoch in hiring and recruitment. It has been a transactional industry for years, mainly when it comes to sourcing minor candidates.  Recruiters are following the "Rooney Rule" to fulfill the DEI requirements of the corporate world. The Rooney Rule requires "at least one woman and one underrepresented minority [to] be considered in the slate of candidates for either every open position or every open senior position." No doubt that the traditional recruitment strategies pull a more diverse candidate pool, but retaining them promptly becomes an issue without sustainable practices. Because of Covid-19, the traditional hiring process has been more challenging to follow this year as recruiters and candidates are pushed to adapt to a fully remote experience. But seismic shifts are well begun—both in the way companies hire and in the traits they're looking for in 2021. Across almost all industries, focuses on stimulating d