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5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Recruitment Agency

  Recently, India has given people the reason to smile in the midst of a pandemic by launching the Covid 19 vaccine. Now there is one more good news for the world! Hiring freezes are starting to lift across the industries.  Many businesses that faced the Covid-19 layoffs started entering a recruitment phase and hiring back the staff they once lost.  "According to the data compiled by Moneycontrol based on industry estimates, 10.8 million jobs have been lost across sectors since the March 25 lockdown." This was heartbreaking; however, the condition of the world is worse.  Now the situation is starting to get better as companies have aggressively started hiring. While it can be fascinating for them to cut costs and manage the hiring process internally, it's not an appropriate approach. Ask your top managers to spend valuable time in search of talent in their LinkedIn networks isn't only a waste of their time, but it is also not a smart move.  It's time to take hirin

Leverage Virtual Recruitment Technology To Hire Top Talents

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape recruitment practices across industries. Today, organizations are not able to conduct the usual hiring drives on college campuses. These talent hunt events allow businesses to get their hands on the elite of the graduate crop from top engineering and management colleges across the country while allowing students to get a headstart on their careers. If you've experienced these issues before, you know just how helpful they are for filling critical and skilled roles with high-performing candidates. “The future of talent acquisition lies in reskilling, rather than finding someone better in the market. If you need to hire today, you need to reskill yesterday.” – Rajesh Ahuja, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Infosys However, many educational institutes are still not opening the gate for their students because of the fear of an unprecedented pandemic. They are still running virtual courses due to which recruiting agencies are taking an al