5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Recruitment Agency


Recently, India has given people the reason to smile in the midst of a pandemic by launching the Covid 19 vaccine. Now there is one more good news for the world! Hiring freezes are starting to lift across the industries. 

Many businesses that faced the Covid-19 layoffs started entering a recruitment phase and hiring back the staff they once lost. 

"According to the data compiled by Moneycontrol based on industry estimates, 10.8 million jobs have been lost across sectors since the March 25 lockdown."

This was heartbreaking; however, the condition of the world is worse. 

Now the situation is starting to get better as companies have aggressively started hiring. While it can be fascinating for them to cut costs and manage the hiring process internally, it's not an appropriate approach. Ask your top managers to spend valuable time in search of talent in their LinkedIn networks isn't only a waste of their time, but it is also not a smart move. 

It's time to take hiring more seriously and invest in a recruitment firm to take over the recruitment work and find the leads that are going to make your business succeed. But before you sign any contract, you first have to do some research. Not all recruitment firms can become a good fit for your needs. Here are must-haves you should be looking for when reviewing a potential recruitment agency. 

Before discussing the must-haves, let's throw light on the recruitment agency.

What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies help companies get the perfect candidate for their company. They usually have a wide network, which empowers companies to hire diverse talent. Employees of recruitment agencies recruit for a living. This is why they have a list of various candidates in the database who are precisely the right fit for your open job positions. Recruitment agencies significantly shorten the full cycle recruiting process and help you hire a talent much faster!

When an organization notifies their recruitment agency about the job vacancy, the dedicated consultants start their work with suitable sourcing candidates. 

1. They have full-time employees

When you place your money behind a recruitment agency, make sure that they have a dedicated team that will deliver quality results. 

Recruitment agencies hire gig workers and pay them based on the number of successful placements they get. While this model may work for some, you should make sure that the agency has at least a few full-time employees as it reflects that they are serious about investing in their internal team. 

Look for a company that has multiple full-time employees. The employee's strength and association with the company also tell about the work culture and genuinely of the agency as loads of fraud recruitments companies are out there. 

2. They have remarkable reach in your local area

Before scheduling meetings with the biggest firms, analyze what kind of reach they have in your geographic area. 

Most of the top regional agencies are great at large-scale recruitment, but if you want to find top talent close to your place, you may be better looking at more niche options. It will help you hire talent close to home. 

Hiring regional candidates cut down the relocation cost of the company and gives easy access to check the employment record of the candidate.

3. Check the legitimacy of the client reviews

We've all seen websites with splashy testimonials from clients that are showing how outstanding their services are. While these are great for attracting potential clients, don't forget to check the legitimacy of a firm's reviews. These days, getting fake reviews and ratings is very easy, so don't go with the flashy star blinking on the website; research more about the company's Genuity. 

Ask for a list of clients who would be ready to give you a few minutes of their time to share their experience. If they are not picking the phone, shoot off a few emails or LinkedIn messages to confirm. This will help you find out that all those nice things that prior clients are saying are actually genuine or not. 

4. Interview candidates before sending them over.

You are hiring a recruitment agency to give you more than just a list of names and resumes from their database. The right recruitment agency helps you in each step of hiring, from resume screening to telephonic round to sending you the most fitted candidates. 

So before investing your time in the company's internal interview processes, clarify what the agency is actually committing to doing for your company. You want your recruitment agency to have individually communicated and screened each candidate before sending them your way. This will help weed out any initial surprises and set your internal team up for success. 

5. They send candidates that fit the place.

When you hire a recruitment agency, you want to make sure that you will get more value for the money you will invest. If they send you candidates that don't fit your requirements, arrange a meeting and swivel your strategy.

Don't forget that your recruitment firm should feel like an extension of your internal team. Look for an agency that exceeds offering creative solutions to problems, creates strong and smooth communications lines, and actually attracts candidates who end up becoming your next unicorn employees. 

Summing Up

We've taken you through the qualities that you should look for before finalizing a recruitment agency. These tips will surely help you get what you are looking for in the recruitment agency. 

If you are still finding hurdles in selecting the perfect agency for you, R dot ventures can help you meet all your recruitment needs. 

If you think partnering with a recruitment agency is the right option for your business and you would like to find out how we can help you, please let us know a bit more about your organization and the sort of candidates you are looking to fill your vacant seat. 


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