Leverage Virtual Recruitment Technology To Hire Top Talents

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape recruitment practices across industries. Today, organizations are not able to conduct the usual hiring drives on college campuses. These talent hunt events allow businesses to get their hands on the elite of the graduate crop from top engineering and management colleges across the country while allowing students to get a headstart on their careers. If you've experienced these issues before, you know just how helpful they are for filling critical and skilled roles with high-performing candidates.

“The future of talent acquisition lies in reskilling, rather than finding someone better in the market. If you need to hire today, you need to reskill yesterday.” – Rajesh Ahuja, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Infosys

However, many educational institutes are still not opening the gate for their students because of the fear of an unprecedented pandemic. They are still running virtual courses due to which recruiting agencies are taking an alternative approach with their hiring drives and go virtual. Here are the tips on how you can leverage automated recruiting tools to ensure the hiring of the most talented graduates.

Shift From Physical to Virtual

On-campus hiring is usually a time-consuming process; it starts with a screening round, where recruiters filter the top students' resumes and enrol them in a skills-based round. This round is specially designed to check the student's knowledge and aptitude knowledge. Students who clear the test will then enter into the group-based assignments and move onto the interview round. The complete process has been outlined based on students' physical presence and in-person interactions, so it's obvious why some companies may find it challenging to envision the same outcomes being achieved virtually.

You can not only meet the hiring results of in-person drives and surpass them. With online recruitment automated tools, you can replicate this process in an entirely virtual environment with even more superior efficiency. How?

With AI-powered tools, you can combine automated resume screening and candidate registration; you can promptly examine the best resumes and match them with the right positions. Online evaluation tools with remote proctoring capabilities allow you to perform competency tests within the platform to evaluate things such as mathematical, logical, verbal, data interpretation, comprehension, coding, and communication skills. These tools also allow you to manage tests that assess aptitudes, cognitive abilities, and the cultural fit of candidates to help you consider essential behavioural attributes.

When it comes to group discussions and panel interviews, these tools can be worked as a comprehensive video call tool. You can use these automated tools to record or live interviews depending on your requirements and streamline the process as multiple head person can access recordings without being on the other end.

AI is no stranger to recruitment. It added more value when it comes to virtual hiring. The  AI-powered solutions are the most effective way for companies to identify promising candidates, reach diversity hiring goals, retain top performers, and engage talent. These days, most of brands like l'oreal, CapitalOne.Humana, ThredUp and others are using AI-powered platforms for resume screening; it finds the candidates that closely match the roles and scores them based on least to most qualified, allowing you to select the best talent from the  pool of candidates in record time.

Virtual interview tools provide both candidates and interviewers an ultimate flexibility. For example, recruiters and hiring managers can review candidates and complete live interviews at any time, from anywhere in the world. This compatible structure creates a fair interviewing process for all mitigating bias. 

An automated platform that leverages AI can limit cheating and recognize applicants' identities without the need for a human presence. With the help of facial recognition technology and sound detection, it maintains the integrity of the exam. This saves your time and money that you need to pay to the invigilator to monitor students during online exams remotely.

Gartner research shows that though they are not actively searching, 39% of employees would be open to switching to a new role within their organization. Recruiting leaders can promote internal vacancies through online job fairs and should work with employees to locate openings.

AI can also be used during video interviews and discussions to offer real insights into soft skills like the candidates' innovative and critical thinking capabilities. Some platforms using AI for video interviews can even recommend candidates for other roles that they didn't initially apply for by using past data on previous successful matches' characteristics.

An Opportunity to Boost Your Brand Image

By drawing students to enter your hiring funnel through an upper-level, end-to-end virtual recruitment tool, you not only filter the top-performing students seeking employment right now but also market yourself as a tech-savvy and forward-thinking company. 

Showing your dedication to technology solutions that drive productivity and innovation will heighten your image in the eyes of Gen Z. Nearly 73% of people see automation in the workplace as an opportunity, not a threat. We all know Gen Z are generally the most tech-savvy generation, using technology from a young age. They attract new reforms in terms of innovation. 

COVID-19 has forced all companies to adopt a new way to functioning their system properly; talented students seeking an innovative workplace will note your expertise to strategize and overcome barriers during a crisis.

Remote hiring gives numerous benefits and opportunities that are beyond, simply taking the process online. It helps you cut down the travel and logistical arrangements that come with in-person hiring, you can save considerably on time and overhead costs, while AI gives you real insights into the best matches for your roles. While the country's highest-performing students solicit the right job for them amid a global pandemic, you can ensure you don't miss out by taking your on-campus hiring process completely online.


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