Time-Saving Tips to Optimize Your Talent Acquisition

Ever felt like you aren't able to manage your organization’s recruitment process persuasively?

We're here to help you with time-saving recruitment tips.

As if your company gains a windfall by the investments or prevails a high-turnover and is planning for the extension or is about to enter in the market with a new product or services, your workload as the recruiter sets-up high. All these aspects enlarge the workload on your part and finding a better fit for the vacant position opening along with the expansion becomes a major task.

This is not just over yet as there's a lot more burden based on your regular functions. Being a recruiter means daily juggling tons of information about candidates and meetings, legal and moral expectations to meet diversity, increased compliance obligations including data privacy, contract classifications, and wage regulations.

All these while working on heightened productivity with the same hiring budget, you’ve had since before the pandemic – that’s a lot to ask of a hiring team – especially in consideration of time and cost effectiveness.

It might seem as if there's never enough time to get everything done and you feel like time is slipping through your fingers no matter what you do. So, the HR Notes given, some time-saving tips to optimize your hiring process with bursts of heightened productivity,  learning how to generate and maintain that type of drive can transform the way recruiting is approached.

1. Remote interviewing

Remote interviews have turned out to be a new normal. This provides an opportunity to compress the hiring timeline through efficiencies; it delivers a faster and better candidate experience; and perhaps most importantly, it gives employers an edge getting to their top candidates faster, increasing the likelihood of making the hire.

2. Enable self-scheduling opportunity for the candidates

A lot of time can be spent communicating back and forth when planning for a phone screen, a video interview, or an in-person interview at any stage in the process. Whether you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, time-management is a major factor to be considered. All of that can be eliminated, however, by giving the candidate an opportunity to reserve an available time slot right through a link to your calendar or via an official mail.

3. Utilize the ready-to-use templates

Making a job description or a number of screening and interviewing questions for every job opening might be a prolonged and time-consuming process, especially when there are multiple vacant positions.

With templates, an untrained individual can also create a professional-looking document. Using templates impart information to end-users in a professional way and also allow them to find their choice of information without any hassle.

Save your time by utilizing templates. Octa Hire has a large number of job description and HR policy templates that can be downloadable right into your system.

4. Automating the Recruitment Process

Handling large numbers of applicants, meeting and interview schedules, it becomes quite impractical to keep eye on every one of them individually. Fortunately, integration of AI-Automation in the recruitment process is changing the nature of work and the structure of the workplace. Apps for attracting talent, worker performance analysis, applicant tracking and assessment, enterprise management, internal management, etc. are enhancing better decision making with the use of machines as a tool and collaborator.

5. Facilitate mobile-friendly talent acquisition

Mobile-friendly recruitment has the potential to significantly increase the company's reach to passive candidates who are too busy to go to a job board and search for better opportunities. By creating a mobile optimized career site and optimizing the application process for the “mobile” user, recruiters can greatly enhance their application rate. Organizations can also build a recruitment mobile app that allows them to post jobs on the go, and view the status of the job created by them. This will not only add speed into hiring but also boost the overall productivity of the recruiters.

6. Facilitate a user-friendly career page

A Career Page reduces the complex way of hiring and makes it easy for you to showcase your job requirements on your website. Candidates can directly apply for the job according to your requirements. An active career page casts a reliable brand image and builds great trust in the jobseekers' mind. Your candidates think that you are growing at a fast pace, that obviously you are!

7. Automate the reporting

Reporting on recruitment metrics is crucial to successful hiring, but automated recruitment reporting can take quite a bit of time to analyze data and then break it down into reports for the C-suite who are most interested in how your hiring process impacts the bottom line.

8. Automated Shortlisting and Rejection

The best recruitment technology can take automation even further, by automatically shortlisting or rejecting candidates depending on their pre-screening questionnaire scores. So, the best candidates can be interviewed immediately and you don’t risk losing them. The best-fit applicants get fast closure. Recruiters can spend their time having positive, proactive conversations, not doing manual recruitment tasks.


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