Top 10 Technology Trends That You Can Learn


There were decades when people used to make fun of online shopping, self-driving cars, social media platforms, and many other things that were created to make things easier for humans. Now, we are heavily relying on technologies to get our work done effortlessly and timely. From getting addicted to Facebook, Flipkart, Youtube, Instagram, and Uber, we have grown up with newer technologies including IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing solutions.


These technologies have dominated the tech world and brought huge business opportunities for startups as well as world-class companies. Thus, it is clear that the technologies are evolving rapidly and changing the face of the world market. This is where the importance of staying updated with the latest trends along with learning the fundamentals of cybersecurity comes into play. It's helpful to shape your career and business depending on the industry.


It is expected to have a huge tech transformation in the coming years. Global outbreaks are one of the reasons behind it as they will have a great impact on our lives as well as businesses. Automotive will be in greater demand and popularity than ever. Thus, it is quite beneficial to learn the top technology trends. Here are the Top 10 technology trends that you can learn:


  • Hyper Automation: Hyper Automation is not a new work in the vast tech world, especially after the global pandemic covid-19. It is associated with advanced technologies which include robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning,  business process management, advanced analytics, and so on. Unlike automation, it defines the automation of tasks with greater productivity and reduced risk.  


  • IoB (Internet of Behaviors): It is extended from the internet of things. It involves using the data and insights to make behavioral changes. With the help of IoB, businesses can easily monitor their customers and their behavior and offer them relevant services. For example, a health & fitness tracking app can get data about your activity routine, sleep, and diet. etc and then this data is used in offering customized d health & fitness plans.


  • Cyber Security Mesh: Data is the most crucial asset for any company, it is important to keep it secured with the cybersecurity mesh. As data breaches and cyber hacks are becoming very common, no business wants to put their data at risk.  With the help of cyber security mesh, companies can protect their data securely regardless of location. It is also advised to learn the fundamentals of  cyber security to stay updated with the solutions against cyber hacks.


  • 5G: 5G is one of the most trending technologies that you can learn. Its traits such as lower latency,  high internet speed, high throughput, better efficiency, etc has brought online gaming up to the next level. It is predicted that  5G networking will cross 1 billion figures worldwide in the coming years as it is 10-100 times stronger and faster than 4G networking.


  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: No doubt, AR and VCR have changed the tech world significantly and are expected to dominate in the coming decades too.   Apart from transportation, gaming,  healthcare, and restaurants, it will benefit the education sector too.  For example, it will make the learning experience more amazing for students.


  • Distributed Cloud: The distributed cloud is another technology trend that brings cloud computing to the next level. It helps to streamline the process line delivery, updates, operations, and other related tasks. Companies can have a huge impact with distributed cloud such as cloud reduction, minimized data loss risk as well as reduced latency.


  • Edge Artificial Intelligence: One of the other prominent technology trends that will be adopted is edge artificial intelligence. Amazon Alexa, Drones, Google Maps, etc are some examples of edge artificial intelligence. Edge AI takes the data and processes it to the nearest points of the user interaction. This can be the edge service or any computer. It enhances the security level, reduces latency times, and saves bandwidth.


  • Quantum Computing: It is defined as computing depending on the based phenomena such as entanglement, superposition, and so on. It is expected that quantum computing will reach approximately 2.5 billion USD at the end of 2029.


  • Blockchain: Blockchain is gaining a massive popularity year by year. The reason behind that is the transparency and the security level it offers. Many businesses are adopting blockchain technology to have top-level business solutions. Being aware of this rewarding technology will surely offer you great business opportunities.


  • TX (Total Experience): When it comes to creating a better experience for customers, TX meets all the expectations. It is the combination of all the experiences including employee experience, customer experience, and user experience. Businesses can benefit from TX in different situations such as remote work, distributed customers, and so on.


So, these are the top technology trends that are recommended to learn to ensure growth and gain more career & business opportunities. Each of these trends is worthwhile for the future, thus learning them all will give you an edge over others. Along with learning the technology trends, it is also important to opt for an information security training to stay aware of cyber threats.


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